Kachieng Well Project

Kachieng Village is situated in one of the rural areas near Oyugis, Western Kenya.

Water is  vital to life.  The well would benefit the life of the whole community.

We take water for granted – we turn on a tap and it is there.  The well is a hole in the ground they draw all their water from by using a rope and plastic container and emptying it into buckets.

The benefits of having pumped water for the community would be immense:

In their daily lives for drinking, washing, cooking etc.

To water crops by chute and storage tank and prevent crops failing in the event of drought.  The people rely on their crops to feed their families.

There is only one very basic toilet for the whole community.  Additional toilets could be provided with running water.

A vision for the future:

  • to extend the water supply to the church.  (The church is also used as a classroom for the nursery children).
  • Provide an inlet to fish pond which they are planning to develop. (To get fish they have to cycle 25 miles).
  • It is the aim to also provide solar powered electric so that water can be pumped with electric motor to high level water tanks.

The Kachieng Well is vital to the development of the community. The well has been started but they are hoping for funding to complete it.

The well needs capping, pipes and hand pump.

The water pump was installed on December 30th 2010 – see Completed Projects.


Completion of first stage of well prior to fitting pump and pipes

Style of pump to be fitted to PASH wells