Day 6 – Half Way!

A short walk today – 12 miles. Weather has been wet, windy and cold. Very boggy over the tops. Second highest on the coast to coast walk. Passed the Nine Standards monument. Met other walkers on the way – Ian and John from Leeds, and Lisa from Leipzig, Germany and sharing a bunk room again with Paul from Isle of Arran.

We are all in good spirits and ready for the walk to Reeth tomorrow. We are now exactly half way, so now all downhill towards the North Sea. All rivers flow East! Some discomfort, but enjoying the walk and meeting new people.

Forever Eastward. Dave, Steve and Paul

3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Half Way!”

  1. I understand that it’s all downhill from now on. I hope that was literal and not metaphorical! Keep smiling and treating the blisters.


  2. Hope you have been drier and warmer today – (I stopped singing!? ) As Sue says – keep smiling, and keep putting one foot in front of the other – your walk is becoming shorter!

  3. Lindsay Cooper & Michael Webb

    Evening Chaps. Sorry it’s taken us a while to catch up with the blog. It sounds like an eventful 6 days. Where were you walking to and from on day 6?

    Hopefully, as you get through the brandy, you’ve got a bit less weight to carry and it’ll get easier. It sounds like it’s going really well though, we’re very impressed. You’re much fitter than us (although having typed this, Mike’s just piped up with “I could walk it”. I’d like to see him try!).

    We hope it continues to go well and the weather picks up a bit.

    Lots of love,

    Lindsay and Mike x

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