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Dave’s journey from Sunday 14 June to Thursday 18 June

Following on from Paul, Chris & Vic’s epic last 2 days from Welshpool to Knighton & completing the Offa’s Dyke challenge, I record here my journey to seek help for an illness which forced me to abandon the walk & seek help for my feeling of weakness, breathlessness, high temperature & dehydration. I first of all booked an appointment on Sunday morning at the small Welshpool hospital. The surgery was manned by a ShropDoc service employing volunteer doctors who although paid agree to work unusual hours & weekends for out of hour emergencies. I was a very grateful recipient. The doctor examined me & after an ECG it didn’t take long for him to decide I had a serious heart condition together with a high temperature & a person looking a little worse for wear. An ambulance was called to take me to the larger Acute Services Hospital in Shrewsbury 40 minutes away, with a Medical Assessment & CCU (coronary care unit) Ward. However, much to my concern, the Ambulance broke down half way, & a second Ambulance finally got to Shrewsbury luckily or by God’s intervention only 10 minutes late. The consultants at Shrewsbury soon put me through many diagnostic tests & declared to me that I had suffered a heart attack, most likely on the 1st day of the walk & then continued to walk a total of 80 miles & equivalent of two Ben Nevis’s. No wonder I also had a high temperature, severe de-hydration, a chest infection & water infection. Since then I have received much medication, heart, blood pressure & temperature monitoring. Heart monitoring continually now for over 4 days & can report excellent progress, due to fantastic care from the doctors & nurses whose devotion & professionalism has been truly amazing; and not forgetting all the thoughts & prayers from friends & family, so I give Praise to God for my recovery so far, which is as follows:- My heart beat & regularity is virtually back to normal, my temperature is normal, & now fully hydrated. Unfortunately I still have a small chest infection & my water infection has worsened in that I had to have a catheter fitted this morning as I could not pass water. It is hoped original service will be resumed as soon as the infection clears. I am now on the waiting list for an angiogram to discover if the arteries around the heart are working as they should be. Shrewsbury Hospital had no angiogram unit so patients are shipped out to either Telford or Stoke so it is my hope & prayer that I will be taken to Stoke hospital tomorrow & have the angiogram carried out & for there to be no treatment required & that I will be home tomorrow evening. Is this too great a task for God, no, for the power which raised Christ from the dead is available to us now!! Please pray with me, I know you will! God Bless Dave 21-45 Thursday 18 June 2015 arrangementsSent from my iPhone

Day 7 Montgomery to Knighton – 17 miles

What a day! 28.1km which we completed in just under 12 hours with Paul imposing strict controls over food breaks and pace of walking (that’s what Vic said). Chris and Vic only managed to catch up with Paul at his  loo stops.
We missed Dave again today as he remains in Shrewsbury, but he was very much in our thoughts and prayers.
The question now is when will we completecpart two?
The weather today was perfect for walking, warm and bright but quite a bit of light cloud to protect us from the sun.
We feel ready to go home now and face some dieting to bring weight back under control. It is difficult to know how much to eat when you are exerting yourself all day!
Paul has taken lots of photos (mainly of signposts) and we will try to share some of the less boting ones with you when we get back to Derby.
Again, Dave will update on his exploits in Shrewsbury separately.
We hope you have enjoyed out blogs and thank you for supporting PASH. Keep logging on for updates over the next couple of days.
Paul (Chris and Vic)
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Day 6 Offa’s Dyke Walk. Welshpool to Montgomery

A surprising day, only 3 of us walked today. 

Dave will provide details of his day separately. 

We walked a few kilometers along the canal to rejoin Offa’s Dyke. Then immediately up-hill for a couple of hours. But after was pleasantly contouring and gradually downhill. 

At the top we met a Dutch family living locally who were there to watch the the Welshpool Airshow. They had already stolen our picnic table but they were very informative about the show – so we forgave them. 

As we continued our walk we were treated to a fantastic display by the Red Arrows and a Spitfire. But the “piece de resistance” was the personal fly by we had from the Vulcan bomber (our last and only) which – as Vic waved his hat – turned directly over our heads and applied his after-burners to return to the airshow. 

Almost there we had to take a small detour direct to Montgommery. However the path was poorly defined and went through a field of nettles. So we detoured through a field of peas eventually finding an alternative path to civillization.

Every one we met today was pleased to tell us what a tough walk we had in store for tommorow. Anyway a good meal in The Dragon Hotel, an early night and we are up for the 16 miler tomorrow. 

Good night from Chris. 

Day 5 – Llanymynech to Welshpool – 15 miles

On the canal near WelshpoolEasy day quite flat walking alongside canals & rivers including the Severn. Paul & Vic had a lovely time playing with a canal draw-bridge, Photos to follow. Had a late lunch at a canal side pub with a group of Aussies doing the Offa’s Dyke Walk. Came across some very irate swans with cygnets actually nesting on the canal towpath; a very careful navigation was required!! Building ourselves up now at an Indian Restaurant in readiness for tomorrow’s walk to Montgomery. Sent from my iPhone

Day 4 – Castle Mill to Llanymynech  16 miles

Very tough day with lots of steep inclines, but arrived at 19-45 at the Cross Keys Inn in time for a ‘dirty’  beer & a shower before a main meal at 20-30.
Walked thr’o ‘Jones’ Rough Wood, ‘Jones’ Coppice & ‘Cooper’ Lane, see photos below.
Splendid views of Chirk Castle as we left Castle Mill.
Weather hot & humid & distant views not as good as previous.  For the first time during a walk we found a Post Office selling teas/coffee, cold drinks & ice cream, wonderful!!
We met a London girl doing the Lands End to John o’ Groats walk who lived next door to Vic’s team Arsenal but supported Man. United!!  Also met some nice people from Vancouver & had a good chat with them.
IMG_0238 Coopers Lane

Day 3 llandegla to Castle Mill – 16.5 miles

Went to the Llandegla post office and general stores at 0800 for sandwiches and guess what – no sandwiches, they are closing down. So we set off with no sandwiches this morning! We had had a lovely 500m climb through Llandegla forest and then went down to Worlds End, we had already seen Sodom on day 1, so what next?
After 6 1/2 hours walking in extremely hot weather we arrived at the Llangollen aqueduct and found the Telford Arms open and serving food (and drink). So, a great respite with BLT sandwiches and 6 pints for Vic & Chris (tea for Dave & Paul of course!)
A very interesting walk over the aqueduct  (something of a challenge for those of us that hate heights!) Watching the many boats crossing over..
IMG_0233 IMG_0234
Later, we passed by Chirk Castle, finally artiving at The Swan Inn at 18:30. Two dirty beers and a shower, now we are ready for dinner and planning for tommow.
Tomorrow we travel to Llanymynech from Castle Mill, which should be just 13 miles, a little less challenging than the last two days..
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Day 2 – Bodfari to Llandegla

Very strenuous day today, over 19 miles, thought to be 17!! We have climbed over the height of Ben Nevis from sea level!!
Heard 1st cuckoo today, 1st this year.
Sensational views, area designated as area of outstanding national beauty.
Visited Jubilee Tower, mad King Georges Jubilee, highest point in Clwyddian Mountains!!  Arrived in Llandegla at 8pm hence the late blog.
Wbeather very hot, all suntanned.
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Day 1 – Prestatyn to Bodfari

Resting our weary legsCompleted 13 mile walk at 16-45 in Bodfari. Splendid day with sunny warm weather, brilliant scenery & challenging walk, like a roller coaster!! Everyone in good health but tomorrow will be a tester at 17 miles! Best part for Vic was walking down the beach at Prestatyn to the sea, quite a long way. After touching water we commenced our quest to conquer Offa’s Dyke Walk!!

We went to a place called ‘Sodom’, true!! You will be pleased no-one looked back!! We didn’t find a Gomorrah! We arrived at Bodfari very tired & thirsty & guess what it was closed! Not to be defeated we are now in a real ale pub in Hawarden, pronounced Harden; we are in Wales!

Offa’s Dyke ‘Summer Wine’ Challenge

Monday 8th June

The old codgers (Dave, Chris, Vic & Paul) will today travel by train to Wales in readiness for a start of the 100 plus mile hike from Prestatyn to Knighton following the route of the Offa’s Dyke where some parts  today are designated as the modern England/Wales border.

All walking gear is packed together with all essentials for a 9 day expedition with lots of blister plasters, Ibuprofen & Paracetemols!!

The hike on Tuesday will be from Prestatyn to Bodfari.

Thanks to all our supporters especially Irene, Linsey, Gill & Sue; and to Mark who has done lots of work keeping the PASH Website  up to date & setting up the Blog.