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DAY 12 – Mission Accomplished

Wainwright Bar, Bay Inn, RHB

Wainwright Bar, Bay Inn, RHB

Early start, 8am, in sunshine & strong winds. Beautiful countryside with lots of photo’s & video taken. Bleak moors & howling gales on the top of the moors & got another soaking. Our friend Tom left 3 hours before us because of blisters, but was disappointed when we caught up with him just 1.5 miles from Robin Hood’s Bay.

Completed the walk at 16-30 throwing our pebbles from St Bees into the North Sea & wading into the sea. The tide was calm so we did not get wet socks. Staying at Whitby Youth Hostel over night near the Abbey. We celebrated firstly in the Wainwright Bar at the Bay Hotel in Robin Hood’s Bay, and now at the world famous Magpie restaurant with Fish & Chips.

Thank you again for your encouraging comments.

Leaving Whitby tomorrow morning to take coach to York via Scarborough & train from York to Derby arriving in the evening. No more walking till the wounds are healed!! With painful memories but still enjoyable & worthwhile for a good cause.

Dave, Paul & Steve Mole, Ratty & Crapeau Or Clegg, Compo & Foggy

We will let you know later how much sponsor money was raised.

Day 11 – Penultimate Day!!

Raisdale to Glaisdale A long day of gale force winds, horizontal hailstones & rain. We received a real wetting today, but also some periods of sunshine. All arrived safely in Glaisdale & fit for the final 20 miles to Robin Hoods Bay tomorrow.

Whilst walking into Glaisdale a Coastguard Vehicle stopped & the Coastguard asked if we had seen the sea!! He was joking of course, but coming over the top of the moors we had a good sighting of sea & ships; a very encouraging sight & the adrenalin is starting to pump for our final walk tomorrow. We hope to be arriving in Robin Hoods Bay at approx. 5pm.

Met a new friend ‘Kent’ from Oregon, also eating with him tonight. Also walked with Tom all the way & Lisa from half way. Had a coffee (yes a coffee) in the Lion Inn to warm up & dry our trousers. The moors were black & weather worst day so far, & stronger winds forecast tomorrow hey ho!! The Coast to Coast ‘Sting in the Tail’!!

Looking forward to cockles by the sea, & a Wainwright celebration beer in Robin Hoods Bay.

Forever Eastward & South along the cliffs tomorrow. We’ll have to remember to stop at the cliffs!! Steve, Paul & Dave

Day 10 – Sight of North Sea

Osmotherly to Hasty Bank (Beak Hill Farm).  A short but lovely 10 mile walk today, all other accommodation fully booked so no choice.  Fine weather, although high winds later in the day.   Could see the sea at Redcar, a good motivation for us!  No more bird stories, although a peacock & a guinea fowl were strutting around the Lord Stones Cafe.

You will be thinking we have all lost a stone in weight (maybe not), after all the calories we have expended; but we thought of Napolean who said his army marches on it’s stomach!!  Tonight we are living in style by having venison at the farm house table!  We actually saw a small deer cross our path today perhaps it was it’s brother.  We have been educated by Julie the farmers wife, who has taught us all about breeding Galloway cattle & telling us amazing stories about cows attacking them after they have recently calved.

We had along lunch today, with it being a short walk, & behold met up again with our two friends Tom & Lisa.  Tom is in the farmyard in his tent and Lisa is wild camping up on Clay Bank Top, whilst we have the luxury of a farmhouse bedroom.

It’s a 20 mile hike to Glaisdale tomorrow.  We are all still in good spirits & never felt better!!  153 miles now completed, phew!

Forever eastward
Dave, Paul & Steve


Day 9 – Longest Day

Brompton – on – Swale to Osmotherly.
Met 3 old friends, Lisa from Leipzig, Tom from Preston, & ‘Guernsey Man’ who calls Paul ‘Crapeau’.
Completed 22 miles today on 9 hours walking.
Walking was long but not particularly  difficult except a steep walk at the end into Osmotherly.
Weather mixed with sunshine & showers.
Hairiest moment of the whole walk – crossing the A19 in the rush hour, dual carriageway at motorway speed!!
Not to be outdone by Steve, Dave was threatened by a goose & had to beat a hasty retreat.
All fit (ha-ha) & well, & relieved no more blisters after a long day.

Please keep sending your comments, we appreciate them very much.
Only 51 miles to the sea, slightly less than the 200 miles first estimated, not counting pub & telephone box miles.
We can now smell the sea, which makes a change from ‘Black Sheep’ & walking socks!!
Forever Eastward
Dave, Paul & Steve

Day 8

Grinton to Brompton-on-Swale.

Glorious weather, for the first time, all day, wonderful.
Almost too hot to walk but beautiful scenery as river widens & slows down. Briefly met up with Tom from Preston & Lisa from Leipzig.

Enjoyed a light lunch in Richmond square, including Yorkshire Curd Tart from Thomas the Baker. Also enjoyed a drink of Black Sheep at the Buck Hotel to give us strength to reach Brompton!

Bought a Coast to Coast ‘T’ Shirt so now we have to finish. Paul was wearing his Jersey cap when we met a Guernseyais, who called Paul a ‘Crapeau’ (means Toad in French). You now know what Paul’s new nickname is!!

194 km (121 miles) completed. Will pass the 200 km mark after 2 hours walking tomorrow, yippee, only 120 km to finish.

We are all well, no new blisters; confident we will finish.
Hambleton Hills in view today – a big boost.
Approx. 22 miles of walking tomorrow, a long way!

Thanks for all encouraging comments received.
Dave, Paul & Steve

Day 7

Brilliant day walking from Keld to Grinton near Reeth on a sunny but very windy day.
At last had a cream tea in Gunnerside.
Steve was attacked by a Lapwing & beat it off with a stick!!
Spirits still high (at least three quarters of a bottle left).
Having a great time spoilt by the walking!
Looking forward to a good day tomorrow, from Grinton to Richmond.
We have now covered 171km (105 miles).
Forever Eastward
Steve, Paul & Dave

Day 6 – Half Way!

A short walk today – 12 miles. Weather has been wet, windy and cold. Very boggy over the tops. Second highest on the coast to coast walk. Passed the Nine Standards monument. Met other walkers on the way – Ian and John from Leeds, and Lisa from Leipzig, Germany and sharing a bunk room again with Paul from Isle of Arran.

We are all in good spirits and ready for the walk to Reeth tomorrow. We are now exactly half way, so now all downhill towards the North Sea. All rivers flow East! Some discomfort, but enjoying the walk and meeting new people.

Forever Eastward. Dave, Steve and Paul

Day 5

A long day today, 34.5 km walked in 9.5 hours from SHAP to Kirkby Steven. Met Drew & Linda from Nova Scotia, Canada. Rescued them off Mardale Fell, after becoming lost. Also our Dutch friend Peter was reported to be in Keswick hospital with a dislocated shoulder after falling in Easdale Gill. He was carrying a huge rucksack & generally walking on his own which is never to be recommended. Not much practise in walking in mountains in Holland. Weather mostly dry, but damp & grey skies with low cloud. Feet even more sore & costing us a small fortune on blister plasters. Good Black Sheep draught bitter in Kirkby Stephen. Sleeping in a chapel tonight (Youth Hostel). Easy day tomorrow just 12 miles to Keld. Minor disaster, Wainwright Chippie closed.!!

Forever Eastward. Thanks for your prayers. Paul, Steve & Dave

Day 4

Arrived safely in SHAP at 6pm, a long days walk in windy, wet & cold weather. As Wainwright would say ‘we are now leaving the beloved Lake District’. Bagged two Wainwright peaks ‘The Knott’ & ‘Kidsty Pike’. Feet still sore, knees holding up. Noticeably warmer as we came out of the Lake District. Off to Kirkby Stephen tomorrow, a long 32km!! We will have completed 130km by tomorrow night.

Forever Eastward. Paul, Steve & Dave