Day 10 – Sight of North Sea

Osmotherly to Hasty Bank (Beak Hill Farm).  A short but lovely 10 mile walk today, all other accommodation fully booked so no choice.  Fine weather, although high winds later in the day.   Could see the sea at Redcar, a good motivation for us!  No more bird stories, although a peacock & a guinea fowl were strutting around the Lord Stones Cafe.

You will be thinking we have all lost a stone in weight (maybe not), after all the calories we have expended; but we thought of Napolean who said his army marches on it’s stomach!!  Tonight we are living in style by having venison at the farm house table!  We actually saw a small deer cross our path today perhaps it was it’s brother.  We have been educated by Julie the farmers wife, who has taught us all about breeding Galloway cattle & telling us amazing stories about cows attacking them after they have recently calved.

We had along lunch today, with it being a short walk, & behold met up again with our two friends Tom & Lisa.  Tom is in the farmyard in his tent and Lisa is wild camping up on Clay Bank Top, whilst we have the luxury of a farmhouse bedroom.

It’s a 20 mile hike to Glaisdale tomorrow.  We are all still in good spirits & never felt better!!  153 miles now completed, phew!

Forever eastward
Dave, Paul & Steve


6 thoughts on “Day 10 – Sight of North Sea”

  1. Sophie Antrobus

    Well done on completing 153miles chaps, quite the achievement.
    But Dad, not like you to have a long lunch at all now is it?! :p
    no changes there then….
    Enjoy the venison, I hope it fuels you all for tomorrow.
    Proud of you,
    Storm x

  2. I’m very impressed by the justification for eating loads of food, i.e. quoting Napoleon. Not to be outdone, Julie and I had a lovely meal, courtesy of Irene, last night – no justification needed, but I will walk to church and back today! Only one more day to go. Happy hiking.


  3. That venison sounds good. You all seem in great spirits so what’s the next challenge to be? Robin Hoods Bay watch out when Foggy, Compo, and Clegg arrive.

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