Day 11 – Penultimate Day!!

Raisdale to Glaisdale A long day of gale force winds, horizontal hailstones & rain. We received a real wetting today, but also some periods of sunshine. All arrived safely in Glaisdale & fit for the final 20 miles to Robin Hoods Bay tomorrow.

Whilst walking into Glaisdale a Coastguard Vehicle stopped & the Coastguard asked if we had seen the sea!! He was joking of course, but coming over the top of the moors we had a good sighting of sea & ships; a very encouraging sight & the adrenalin is starting to pump for our final walk tomorrow. We hope to be arriving in Robin Hoods Bay at approx. 5pm.

Met a new friend ‘Kent’ from Oregon, also eating with him tonight. Also walked with Tom all the way & Lisa from half way. Had a coffee (yes a coffee) in the Lion Inn to warm up & dry our trousers. The moors were black & weather worst day so far, & stronger winds forecast tomorrow hey ho!! The Coast to Coast ‘Sting in the Tail’!!

Looking forward to cockles by the sea, & a Wainwright celebration beer in Robin Hoods Bay.

Forever Eastward & South along the cliffs tomorrow. We’ll have to remember to stop at the cliffs!! Steve, Paul & Dave

9 thoughts on “Day 11 – Penultimate Day!!”

  1. Yes, you are definitely in for gusts of up to 70mph tomorrow and more rain. It’s your last day though so the thought of that should spur you on. I was reading today about a charity bike ride from west coast to east of 136 miles. That’s nothing on a bike is it? Feeling very proud of you all.


  2. Chris & Catherine

    Dave it was nice to meetup with you Steve, Paul last night. Your B&B was in very remote location !!! Looks like its been a tough day and hope your Brandy reserve ( in your luggage ) lasts tonight sounds like you need a hit after today !!!, Don’t forget Fish and Chips and pint Black Sheep is waiting for you at RHB
    Best wishes Chris & Catherine

  3. Julie Antrobus

    Almost there! I knew you all had the determination (and stubborness) to complete this challenge and it sounds like you’ve had some good times on the way.
    Savour the last day and enjoy the sea views. It will be good to have you all home.
    Love Julie x

  4. Mark Hargreaves

    Not far now then – hope the weather is better for you tomorrow. Sounds like you deserve a nice meal and beer tomorrow night at Robin Hood’s Bay.

    Love Mark & Louise

  5. Lindsay Cooper & Michael Webb

    Sounds like you’ve had a hard time today! We hope tomorrow goes really well and we’re really proud of you. Enjoy a well deserved break tomorrow night.

    Lots of love,

    Lindsay and Mike x

  6. Brendan Hargreaves

    Well done on your great achievement to you all so far, not far to go now, I know you will make it.

  7. Well done fellas, you’re almost there. Hope the weather is better than you expect and that you can enjoy your last day. Will be thinking of you, proud to know you all, will cheer when you finish (whatever time), such a great achievement. Thanks for the blog each evening- have enjoyed following your progress, (look forward to the last one). – And will benefit such a good cause in PASH

  8. Sophie Antrobus

    Good luck for tomorrow all, not far now 🙂
    I’m sure Steve will happily find the best chippy for you, washed down with some whisky perhaps? hahaaa sorry pops.
    I also went for a walk today just around the coast in Aber and I was literally being held in place by the wind at the top of Constitution Hill so I hope it’s not that windy for your last stretch tomorrow…
    Soph xx

  9. Benard And Agnes

    Hi Dave, Steve and Paul, Hope it is agreat achievement on your side and I want to articulate that you are all heroes and you have set a good record for having completed this long miles walk today. We have been following in the blog and we are extremely happy as members of PASH here in Kenya to see that you have managed it. Benard & Agnes

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