DAY 12 – Mission Accomplished

Wainwright Bar, Bay Inn, RHB

Wainwright Bar, Bay Inn, RHB

Early start, 8am, in sunshine & strong winds. Beautiful countryside with lots of photo’s & video taken. Bleak moors & howling gales on the top of the moors & got another soaking. Our friend Tom left 3 hours before us because of blisters, but was disappointed when we caught up with him just 1.5 miles from Robin Hood’s Bay.

Completed the walk at 16-30 throwing our pebbles from St Bees into the North Sea & wading into the sea. The tide was calm so we did not get wet socks. Staying at Whitby Youth Hostel over night near the Abbey. We celebrated firstly in the Wainwright Bar at the Bay Hotel in Robin Hood’s Bay, and now at the world famous Magpie restaurant with Fish & Chips.

Thank you again for your encouraging comments.

Leaving Whitby tomorrow morning to take coach to York via Scarborough & train from York to Derby arriving in the evening. No more walking till the wounds are healed!! With painful memories but still enjoyable & worthwhile for a good cause.

Dave, Paul & Steve Mole, Ratty & Crapeau Or Clegg, Compo & Foggy

We will let you know later how much sponsor money was raised.

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  1. Well done lads. Your true grit, stubbornness and determination has brought you through. What a great area to end your walk, Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby. The Magpie eh well if its good enough for royalty then its good enough for you. Very proud of you all. Will miss your daily blog. Look forward to hearing all about your adventures.

  2. Well done chaps debriefing and weigh in ASAP

    Don’t forget to collect your list of jobs to do on arrival at base.
    (sick notes will be ignored)

    Many congratulations to you all.

  3. Congratulations to all. What an achievement! Looking forward to you coming home Paul even if you do spend the first night soaking in the bath – you’ve earned it!


  4. Louise Cooper

    Congratulations to you all on a wonderful achievement…….we are very proud of our Brother Crapeau……….!!!!

    Love from the Redditch Coopers xxxxx

  5. Very many congratulations! A great achievement. Look forward to hearing any stories; and thank you for the daily blog, – it will be missed!

  6. Sophie Antrobus

    Well done on completing it in one piece chaps.
    I bet it was a good feeling throwing the pebbles… and also NOT getting your feet wet- I know Steve is a wimp when it comes to cold water.
    You should be proud and definitely deserve the rest after walking all those miles.
    Hope you enjoyed the much earned grub!
    Sophie xx

  7. Hi to all you bloggers.

    Well the walk is over and my blisters are starting to recover. Thank you all for your comments of support as we did Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk. 310km is an awfully long way, something like half a million footsteps, and we really did need your encouragement along the way.

    We talked about what we could do as another long hike after C2C and I said I wasn’t prepared to consider another challenge walk, at least until the blisters had mended. However, Sue has bought me a book about long distance walks as part of my belated birthday present! It would be a shame to see it go to waste, but is she hinting something?

    Poop, poop,

    Paul (aka Crapaud – we’ve now looked up the correct spelling!)

  8. Have to confess Linsey and I did discuss last week at Church, that if you all went off again we could continue blogging…(!?) but didn’t want you to think 0f it until it could be seen that you had all survived the C2C well and had enjoyed a bit of a rest….!! and what would your families say…?

  9. Well done lads, I thought I had it in the bag, as the “early bird catches the worm”. I was looking over my shoulder all the way expecting to see the Derbyshire posse, much earlier in the day.

    A great walk, with many memories to boot, and all for a good cause

    Best wishes

    Tom (The Preston dude in red)

  10. I think you are going to have to be really nice to your spouses before they let you loose again. Are you mad enough to consider another long distance walk like this? Yes I think you are.

  11. Lisa Puschendorf

    Hello Dave, Steve & Paul!

    It’s already been a while since we all finished the walk and I just wanted to say ‘Well Done’ and thank you for your great company on my otherwise ‘lonely’ days! (Wainwright might have loved it that way…) A pity we didn’t bump into each other on the last day, think I was only an hour ahead of you. Anyway I hope you had a good last day and enjoyed your well deserved Fish’n’Chips at the Magpie! I wish you all the best, for future projects and everything!

    Lisa from Leipzig

    1. David Hargreaves

      Hello Lisa,

      Apologies for not replying earlier.
      Hope you are well, & enjoying life after the Coast to Coast.
      You did fantastic doing the Coast to Coast & staying mainly on camp sites.
      Well done, it was an amazing achievement!!

      We were very priviledged to have met up with you & really enjoyed the companionship from the Nine Standards to Glaisdale.
      It was disappointing that we missed seeing you in RHB & in Whitby, it would have been good to have had a celebratory drink with you & say our farewells.
      You may have seen the blog where we overtook Tom on the Coastal Path, much to his disappointment in not being in RHB before us.
      We met up with him again in RHB in the Wainwright Bar together with his fiancee Irene.

      Kent joined up with us in Whitby Youth Hostel about 3 hours late, but told us of being injured by a falling branch in the woods near Little Beck. He had a cut on his face, but I’m glad to say not too serious.

      My son Mark is going to help me edit the Coast to Coast DVD; I did about 3 hours of video so it may take a long time to take out the rubbish & make it interesting enough for people to watch. If you would like a copy when it is completed please let me know & I will post one to you. It may be a nice Christmas present for you.
      We would all like to meet up with you again if possible, & as we will be organising walks with the hiking group at St Peter’s Church maybe you would like to join us at some time. If you wish to be notified of future events please let us know.

      We did fantastic raising money through our sponsorship of the C2C and have raised £1250.00 for the PASH charity. If we can claim the tax element back from Customs & Excise it will take it over £1500.00!!

      Bye Lisa

      With all our good wishes

      Dave, Paul & Steve

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