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  1. Benard And Agnes

    Hi Dave,Paul and friends, We really understand your deepest dedication in the coast to coast walk, and this shows your concern about what the walk is going to support, everyone in the team created his time for this exercise and we prey for God’s protection to be with you until the exercise will successfully come to an end. May God give all of you enough strength and hope. We are all praying for you as PASH fraternity in Kenya. Amen.

  2. Rowland Harris

    Great to hear from you today – not suprised to hear you are suffering from the wind!! I hope Fat Betty remembers me!

    I hope you will all come over to the rolling plains of the Belvoir soon and see my bit of England.

    I have asked J D to see Jackie about the proposed tribute to Roy in October – so we will keep you posted.

    Quote of the day —

    “I love long walks – especially when they are taken by people I don’t like” –
    Noel Coward

    Keep Safe – and don’t do anthing stupid !!


  3. Hi David,
    Well done to all, enjoyed reading the daily updates.
    Great experience, good beer & photos.
    Once again well done.
    Ian Potts.

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