Day 8

Grinton to Brompton-on-Swale.

Glorious weather, for the first time, all day, wonderful.
Almost too hot to walk but beautiful scenery as river widens & slows down. Briefly met up with Tom from Preston & Lisa from Leipzig.

Enjoyed a light lunch in Richmond square, including Yorkshire Curd Tart from Thomas the Baker. Also enjoyed a drink of Black Sheep at the Buck Hotel to give us strength to reach Brompton!

Bought a Coast to Coast ‘T’ Shirt so now we have to finish. Paul was wearing his Jersey cap when we met a Guernseyais, who called Paul a ‘Crapeau’ (means Toad in French). You now know what Paul’s new nickname is!!

194 km (121 miles) completed. Will pass the 200 km mark after 2 hours walking tomorrow, yippee, only 120 km to finish.

We are all well, no new blisters; confident we will finish.
Hambleton Hills in view today – a big boost.
Approx. 22 miles of walking tomorrow, a long way!

Thanks for all encouraging comments received.
Dave, Paul & Steve

10 thoughts on “Day 8”

  1. Louise Hargreaves

    So Goodbye Last of the Summer Wine and Hello Wind in the Willows! – If Paul is toad, I’m guessing Dave is mole and Steve is Ratty (especially when being attacked by Lapwings). Make sure Paul stays away from the motor cars, he needs to complete the walk on foot. Poop Poop!

  2. Fantastic! You are doing so well, – (Richmond is a lovely place isn’t it?, used to be anyway), (will you sprint the last bit – when you get there? or would that disqulify you from the coast to coast WALK. – perhaps not a good idea) Keep plodding and smiling just now, we’re cheering you on.

  3. Just to let you know the doctor in Reeth advised me to abandon the walk, because of an infection which had worked its way into my shin. So now Paul from Arran is Paul back in Arran. Hope you all avoid any such problems. I’ll look forwward to reading your updates to find out what I’m missing. Thanks for your company over the first week. I’ll be back to finish it one day!

  4. Have a cousin living in Brompton on Swale. Beautiful countryside. Wish I was with you after a week of Bratwurst and Spargel in Nurenburg. Your on the last leg(s) now. Good hiking. Chris

  5. Brilliant. You are doing so well. Keep away from the birds Steve! Looks like you are in for some good weather. We are all behind you.

  6. Can’t believe that Steve beat a bird off with a stick – it’s his own fault for using his poor chat up lines!

    Great to see you are all still in one piece – keep going!

  7. Congratulations all on your progress so far – very impressive.

    Well done also for avoiding a potentially tricky spoonerism with ‘curd tart’. Phew!

    Good luck with the 22 miles today.

  8. Irene Hargreaves

    Well done Guys.Don’tknow how you manage to keep going day after day. Special congratulations to Dave for managing to keep up with the young ones (so far anyway)
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

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