Blog Entry 3 – Saturday

Saturday was a very difficult day which left us feeling we had already earned any sponsorship money that was to come our way. We were kept awake by incessant rain & therefore delayed our start hoping to find better conditions. Initially the rain continued but not as heavily as during the night. We soldiered on enjoying spectacular views of mountains & numerous huge foaming waterfalls. The initial terrain to Scafell Pike was not too difficult but then the terrain & the weather significantly changed!! We ascended to the summit through steep difficult rocky ground & heavy rain being driven sideways with gale force winds. When at the summit the mountain rescue official advised we descend as soon possible, For a moment we stood higher than anyone else in the country but risked being blown back where we had just come from! We learnt that many climbers had failed to reached the summit & mountain rescue had been called out as parties had been split up in the poor visibility. We then had a very arduous descent in very poor conditions but were driven on by the thought of the orphans, widows & poor people in Kenya depending on our support. Tomorrow we are expecting better conditions & will continue our challenge. Dave & Rowland

4 thoughts on “Blog Entry 3 – Saturday”

  1. I’m very proud of you Dad…. You are doing fabulously!!..Keep up the good work and I’ll hope for better weather for you to complete your amazing challenge.
    Happy Fathers Day…You’ll always stand at the highest peak in my eyes…today and always. Love you. Safe journey onwards. Paula.

  2. John And Audrey

    Hope you have A better day today. You can only do what the weather and conditions allow.
    God Bless.

  3. I will vouch for that – you have already more than ‘earned’ the sponsership money; was thinking of you as it rained… will pray for good weather and your safety and well being.

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