Blog Entry 4 – Hellvelyn, Nethermost Pike & Catstycam

Set off in weather less settled as we had hoped. We travelled to Glenridding & from the car park had a long uphill slog to get to Striding Edge – a place most people would wish to avoid, it’s a log stretch of jagged rock which leads to a difficult final climb & scramble through awkward rocks which lead to the summit of Hellvelyn. Thick mist & rain greeted us & we made our way to two further summits. At Catstycam the mist cleared & we were rewarded with lovely views over Ullswater & beyond. Whilst these summits are relatively close together it is extremely difficult to get from one to another. We can now look forward to a good rest & another difficult day tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers & comments & thanks for your best wishes on Fathers Day. Dave & Rowland

4 thoughts on “Blog Entry 4 – Hellvelyn, Nethermost Pike & Catstycam”

  1. Halfway there now….have a good rest tonight. Tomorrow keep focused….keep safe. Much Love. Carole x

  2. You knew it wouldn’t be easy but clearly this unbelievable June weather is making what is already a difficult challenge really hard. Chin up Rowland you are doing amazingly. Love Fi

  3. Dave & Rowland,
    Said a prayer for you both on Sunday morning. Have every faith that despite what the elements throw at you your spirit and determination will see you through. Keep safe both of you and no wandering off the tracks! As if you would Rowland!

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